Think Big

Yes, Scientists please wake up. The universe is designed especially for humans. So let’s do something about this universe.

What’s wrong with this picture? The James Webb Space Telescope has taken 30 years and $10bn and is taking images of Galaxies SPEEDING AWAY FROM US at 1.3 million miles per hour.

Forget about looking for earthlike planets or alien life, let it be. We humans should build three-cylinder spaceships 20 miles long and five miles wide and populate them with one million humans each and travel the universe forever. We humans don’t need a rock to sit on. We can strip planets of their rare minerals while we travel the universe. It might take us light years to get from here to there but so what. If a meteor or a comet or even a neutron star is coming toward us this rock (plant) cannot move out of the way. We cannot move a planet out of the way. We cannot deflect a neutron star or a large planetoid. But we can move a spaceship out of the way. The universe is designed for humans so let’s take advantage of that. Why are we sitting on a rock looking at galaxies that eventually will be out of our site? Why are we sitting on a rock that eventually WILL be destroyed by a meteor, not maybe but WILL be destroyed. PS this rock will eventually destroy itself. We can leave the humans that want to destroy each other on this rock (planet) and take the humans that want to live in peace into the cosmos. There’s a water planet in the cosmos that’s five times the size of Earth. There are so many different meteor and planets with rare minerals we haven’t even discovered yet that is just sitting there waiting for us. In the meteor belt, there are so many meteors that are the size of planetoids that are 90% gold 90% silver, and many many other raw materials just waiting for us. Why are we sitting on this rock looking at galaxies that are going to disappear? the rock Earth should be a breeding ground to breed humans and to build Android machines to build our spacecraft. On Earth, we build factories to build cars. Mars could be a factory to bills spaceships. we don’t need to make Mars like Earth. We need to turn Mars into a factory and bill spaceships. Yes, the whole planet is to be a factory, not another earth.

What’s missing from this picture? Three 20 miles long 5 miles wide space cylinders with one million humans on board traveling to the Asteroid Belt
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