The Truth Hurts 002

There is only one way that Capitalism or Socialism can survive. That is to stop the corruption IMMEDIATELY. Any government official worldwide caught with his hand in the cookie jar needs to be punished SEVERELY.

The world economy will collapse, and when it collapses, it will take you Sheeples with it. It’s a damn shame how Joe Biden, the wet sock puppet, and GM automakers treated Tesla motors. And you, Sheeples, sat back and let this happen and didn’t do a damn thing about it. I see only one person in the United States doing something about corrupt politicians; he isn’t even an American.

If you’re an ignorant person, you’re a Sheeple. I can prove it. Here’s my evidence. Watch this video, and you will understand why you are a sheeple. Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

I’ve got a question for you, Sheeples. How will you stop the wars and corruption in the world when the people who are supposed to stop the wars are worse than those who are corrupt and starting the wars?

Don’t forget Black Friday is soon. So you can run out and buy all the rubber dog shit made in China with credit card money you will be paying back for the next 20 years, supporting a country that wants to bury your ass.

I know you Sheeples our ignorant because there’s only a handful of the Elite and billions of Sheeples, and this handful of corrupt Elites pulled the wool over your eyes.

I can help, but it’s too late for you, Sheeples. There’s not enough time. So you’ll pay for your laziness and ignorance, Sheeples.

For you so-called Christians, there are the ten commandments. And for you Atheists, there’s Moral Philosophy. But like I said. It’s too late for you, Sheeples.

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