The Joke’s On You Taxpayers

The James Webb Space Telescope has taken 30 years and has cost $10 billion.

You can sit on this rock and enjoy these beautiful images from the James Webb telescope, or you can get up off your ass and travel the cosmos.

Dump that James Webb Telescope; I say travel the cosmos save the human conscience.

I think I figured it out about the James Webb Telescope. One of two things. Number one the James Webb telescope is a Crock Of Shit. Or number two. The Atheist is so determined to find life on another planet they’re missing the ball. They think if they find life on another planet this will prove there is no God. Atheists think there’s something in an empty box. Either way to me both of these are Crock Of Shit. I believe there should be an investigation into the mishandling of American taxpayers’ money.

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