The Angel Particle

Atoms, humans are made up of 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Atoms.

Our brain our conscience and our soul somehow work together to create what I’m going to call an Angel.  This Angel is the only part of us that can leave the four dimensions and ascend into Heaven. Flesh, blood, and bones cannot make up an Angel. Only the conscience part of the brain and the soul can make an Angel. This Angel is not made up of atoms. It’s beyond Atoms. Only Angels can travel in different dimensions.

How you can find the Angel Particle

Cut orange and half and cut the orange in half again and keep cutting the orange in half and you come to the Atom of the orange. Keep cutting the orange in half and you will come to the Angel particle. You can keep cutting this orange in half forever. (the only way you can keep cutting an orange in half is with mathematics.) Everything in our universe and beyond is a mathematical equation.

The physical universe is not merely described by mathematics but is mathematics specifically. Math plays a vital role in everything that the universe itself is made of. Mathematics is indeed a human discovery, and the universe is one gigantic mathematical object. Mathematics is the proof of everything. Mathematics is the language of God.

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