Science Uprising

Atheists, a dying breed.

Darwin’s theory was debunked.

The multi-universe debunked. No evidence.

I am not a materialist. I see the human soul. I experience love. I live with a purpose. I fight for justice. I am the quiet majority, and I will be quiet no longer.

The argument over good and evil doesn’t make sense to me. Y’all know good and evil exist. We’ve experienced good and evil in our lives at one time or another proving there is a God and that there is a Devil. Why else would good and evil even exist if somebody didn’t care? God cares and the devil cares about how you live your life.

If you tell somebody God exists you will start an argument about the existence of God. But if you say to somebody God and the Devil exist most people will agree with you, and that’s a good thing. Good and evil exist in the world because God and the Devil exist. God and good go hand in hand. Devil and evil go hand in hand. What’s so hard about this to understand? How can you say, “I had a good day”, or “I had a bad day” and not believe in God or the Devil? Saying I had a good day, or I had a bad day is proof there is a God and there is a devil. And yet you say you don’t believe in God. God has given us humans, so much evidence proving good and evil, God and the Devil exist. And yet you, like that person chained up in the cave. You are looking at the images on the wall and believing that’s all there is.

For years Christians stifle scientists. Now, scientists are trying to stifle the belief in God.

The American Indians had it right. They believe you had two demons in you. (They call these demons wolves.) One was a good wolf, and one was a bad wolf. Your life depended on which one of these wolves you feed.

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