Homo Sapiens. The name we selected for ourselves means ‘wise human’. Homo is the Latin word for ‘human’ or ‘man’ and sapiens is derived from a Latin word that means ‘wise’ or ‘astute’.

Watch the video below this post ↓↓↓. This is just one more step in taking away your Soul and providing you with their evil. This is not taking evil and making it good this is taking evil and making it morally bad. If you don’t want sin in the world, stop sinning. You don’t need an Artificial Intelligent Robot to tell you how to stop sinning. Just stop sinning. There is a good chance that the Artificial Intelligent Robot will be a better sinner than you. You cannot give an Artificial Intelligent Robot a Conscience. To me, a Conscience is your Soul. If you want good in your life, seek it. Artificial Intelligent Robots cannot create good. An Artificial Intelligent Robot can only create control.

We humans already have Super Intelligent Humans, but the Elite cannot control them. What the Elite want to do is be able to control you. The only way I see humans digging their way out of this dilemma is through Wisdom and Knowledge. I don’t see this happening.

Not all Chinese are godless, but the Chinese Communist Party is. If you want to see what evil is capable of, look at what’s happening behind the scenes in China. Where does the Chinese Communist Party get organs for an organ transplants?

I should be trying to convince you to seek God. It’s too late for you for that. The only thing I can do to help you is to tell you to seek Wisdom and Knowledge. Will humans survive what’s coming down the pike for them? I don’t think so. I believe the Elites will be buried in their evil. I believe once God sees Freewill has been taken away from us humans God will step in. This will not be good for you because you let it happen. Don’t let Artificial Intelligent Robots and Intelligent Machines confuse you.

Let me show you why I think humans should seek wisdom and knowledge. The world population is 7.837 billion humans and only a handful of Elite control you. Humans need a leader, but humans have chosen the Elite over God. This is exactly why bad things are happening in the world. So this boils down to two questions. Do you want Super Artificial Intelligent Robots to control your life or do you want God to control your life. You are free to choose for now. If you want Artificial Intelligent Robots to control your life don’t get up off that couch. If you want God to control your life seek Wisdom and Knowledge. ~Norman Bliss

Introduction to Western Philosophy

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