Rain Man

Intelligence. Created by man. vs. Created by God.

We humans don’t need Super Artificial Intelligent Robot  Machines. I have nothing against intelligent machines like computers toasters vacuum cleaners, but Super Artificial Intelligent Robot Machines is looking for trouble.

I believe the only reason an Atheist would want to develop a Super Artificial Intelligent Robot  Machine is so that they could play God. All through the ages man has wanted to be a God.

God will provide for humans what we need. All humans have to do is obey the TEN COMMANDMENTS. I believe humans should be on fire to study Western Philosophy, philosophers, mathematics, and the arts. Everything in the universe is of the mathematical equation.

Sophia, (A super artificial intelligent robot.
Created by man.

Daniel T. Created by God. Click here

Alex Bellos selects the maths geniuses whose revolutionary discoveries changed our world. (Created by God.) Click here

Akiane Kramarik is an American poet and painter. She began drawing at the age of four. Kramarik’s best-known painting is Prince of Peace, which she completed at the age of eight. Inspired by God. Created by God. Click here

The First Artificial Intelligence to Beat Humans!