Moral Values

Moral Values or a Moral Compass. 1 ↓↓↓

If y’all don’t put your foot down now, you will be sorry. Evil is attacking you little by little. And you don’t pay attention to it because it’s just little things. This is the way it was with the Russian peasants, Chinese peasants, and German Jews. The German Nazis whittled away at the German Jews little by little until it was too late and they were standing in the gas chambers, men, women, and children. It was the same way with Stalin’s Russia. Read, The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Mandatory reading by all Russian high school students. Also, read about the Chinese Civil War. Millions upon millions of humans were murdered. I mean millions. Read the Chinese Manifesto on how to take over America. And this is what’s going to happen to you Americans if you don’t put your foot down. And now you’re probably wondering what you can do to stop this from happening to the United States and it will happen. First I thought we needed to have a civil war. it’s too late for that. There is no way Americans will survive a civil war. Then I thought about religion. Americans must become religious in order to deal with evil. Well, it’s too late for that too. Now the only way I see Americans surviving the America’s Holocaust is to educate yourselves. Study Western Philosophy. This is where it all began with America. Western Philosophy.

Americans you are sitting on your *** thinking everything is going to be OK and you’re having the rug pulled out from under you.

I wouldn’t put it past China to do this. Sell human meat as food. You’ll be able to buy a can of Beef Stew from China. The only thing it’s not going to be beef it’s going to be human meat. China already sells human body parts; they have hospitals that perform these kinds of operations. Where did they get these body parts that they transplant into other humans for a price? From their minority population. And what will they do with the bodies after they remove the organs that they transplanted and souls to other humans? Well, you guessed it, Beef Stew. Why am I saying things like this? Because the Chinese CCP has no moral compass. Listen very carefully, NO MORAL COMPASS.  You’re probably saying this is terrible for me to be writing things like this. And I say to you there were Germans in Germany that we’re telling the German Jews the Nazis was going to put them in gas chambers and they wouldn’t believe them, and you all know what happened. Until humanity gets moral compass humanity will not survive. ~ Norman Bliss, – Hillsdale College → Click Here

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Moral Values or a Moral Compass. 2 ↓↓↓

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