Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC


Woman Dies

Shown The Purpose Of Life And Told The Greatest Gift You Can Give

Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC is a psychotherapist specializing in intimacy, sex, and relationships. She lives in Houston, Texas, and maintains a private practice as a relationship, intimacy/sex psychotherapist.  Rapini is a renowned lecturer, author, and television personality. Currently, you can find Mary Jo on Fox 26 Houston with her segment on healthy relationships on Mondays and “Ask Mary Jo” on Thursdays.

She has been a contributor on air for CNN’s Prime News and has been on CBS Up to the Minute, Fox National Morning News, Montel, Steve Harvey, the Today Show, and Dateline. Rapini was also featured in TLC’s Big Medicine which ran for two seasons and Discovery Health Channel about her near-death experience which aired Jan 4, 2010. Rapini was seen on the Dr. Oz show on November 2, 2018, talking about what happens to us when we die.

Mary emphasized that what she learned from her experience was how important it was to have “compassion”. That’s interesting because an Australian neurosurgeon Dr. Chris O’Brian before he died was asked in an interview what his biggest regret was. He replied, “I wish I had shown my patients and their family more empathy and compassion”. Something for the doctors and nurses out there to think about.

What is Consciousness?

Your Consciousness is your SOUL.