listen carefully…

Gravity is not strong enough to pull us back if we leave the planet going 7 miles a second. This is why I believe God wants humanity to populate the cosmos.
Here’s a scenario, you’re walking towards the door, leaving your home to get in your car to go to the store. Your soul tells you; you forgot your keys. Why is this? Why is your soul able to remind you to go back and get your keys? This is how God communicates with you. I believe humans don’t need super artificial intelligent robots. If humans constantly educate themselves by studying philosophy, music, and poetry will expand your brain. Humans can use 100% of their brain if they set their minds. I believe right now humans are only using 10% of their brain, and most even less. The other side of this coin is you can communicate with Satan. You’re walking to the store your soul tells you to steal a car. Satan has control of your soul. You have a choice God or Satan can possess your soul. The one you listen to is the one you feed. Life is simple. Why do you humans make it so difficult? Stop listening to Satan. Remember, the number one tool in Satan’s arsenal is the lie. This letter may be the only opportunity you will get to open your door to heaven. If you don’t open your door and go through it the day you’re standing in front of God for judgment, God will tell you. I don’t know you. This is what hell is like, it’s so dark your hands are an inch away from your eye and you can’t see it. This is how you will spend eternity. If you want to step out of the dark into the light, close your eyes and say this prayer and mean it. Hang on to something. “Lord forgive my sins knowingly and unknowingly and come into my heart in Jesus’ name I pray Amen.” ~ Norman Bliss

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