I don’t know what the hell is the matter with these scientists. Why they can’t figure out what Dark Energy is, hell anybody can figure this out.
Say it’s the 4th of July and you’re celebrating in your front yard; you light a firecracker, throw it in the air and it explodes. What is it exploding into? Simple, oxygen. OK now God said let there be light, and a Singularity explodes in Infinity. So Dark Energy is Infinity. Now if you want to know what Infinity is, you’ll have to create new mathematics. But be warned, creating new mathematics will also prove the existence of God. So now let’s see if you can get your head around this, on the other side of Infinity is heaven. There’s no mathematics today that can calculate how humongous this is. See why you need new mathematics, Infinity then heaven then God. Infinity was created by God. God always is and always will be. See why you’re going to have to have new mathematics to calculate this? Scientists right now are having a hard time calculating Infinity and then they’re going to have to put Heaven into the equation. Good luck.

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