Analogy, say an Ant is walking down a sidewalk and it’s a normal rainy day. What are the chances of the Ant getting hit by a raindrop?
Now the Ant is the planet earth, and the raindrops are planet-killing asteroids. So what do humans need to do? Wake the hell up! First and foremost humans need to be a multi-planet species if they want consciousness to survive. Prepare for the worst.

“Don’t Look Up” Based on real events that haven’t happened – YET.

To date, nearly 28,000 near-Earth asteroids have been found by survey telescopes that continually scan the night sky, adding new discoveries at a rate of about 3,000 per year. But as larger and more advanced survey telescopes turbocharge the search over the next few years, a rapid uptick in discoveries is expected.

The Probability of Collisions with Earth – NASA

It’s not if a planet-killing asteroid will hit the planet, IT’S WHEN.

It’s not the asteroids we know about it’s the ones we don’t know we should be worried about.

“Don’t Look Up” Based on real events that haven’t happened – yet.

Near-Earth object – Wikipedia

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