How small is an atom?

Where Are All The Hidden Dimensions?

How tiny is an atom? We can’t see it with the naked eye, but we can see it and peer into it with a microscope. Soon what we see inside the atom will be too small for us to see even with a microscope. The only way we will know what these particles inside the atom are is through mathematics. With mathematics, there’s no end to small. And also, there is no end to how big things can get. Think of Infinity. I believe heaven is on the other side of Infinity. But what if there was still something in between Infinity and heaven. Mathematics is the only way to find out the answer to these questions. Maybe in between Infinity and heaven is hell. There is a number cruncher out there that is going to discover things like this. And there is a number cruncher out there that will find the existence of God through mathematics.

History of the Universe
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