Overwhelming Evidence.

I am completely and utterly bewildered by atheists’ ignorance of the existence of a creator. God created our solar system, our Galaxy, and our universe for the human soul. Atheists call the human soul the human conscience. God designed the universe and everything in it for us humans. How much more evidence for the existence of God do y’all need?
Ask an atheist to explain the human conscience. (The human soul) They can’t. They can spin the hell out of it. Ask an atheist why the universe was created for humans. They can’t. But they can spin the hell out of it. There is something else God gave us, and that is FREE WILL. You can be an Atheist, or you could be a Christian. It’s your choice. Oh, and the Atheists also like to spin the hell out of this.
Intelligent Design October 20, 2022, by WestTexasBlissClick here.

Fossils October 10, 2022, by WestTexasBliss Click here.

Consciousness. Your Consciousness is your soul. Consciousness is what we know best and explain least. It is the inner subjective experience of what it feels like to see red or smell garlic or hear Beethoven. Consciousness is baffling. SCIENTISTS MAKE A BIG THING OUT OF CONSCIOUSNESS. THIS IS WHY THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND CONSCIOUSNESS. CONSCIOUSNESS IS YOUR SOUL, A GIFT FROM GOD.

SOUL. It is the seat of your memory, your feelings, your imagination, your convictions, your desires, and your affections. A soul represents life in an individual. The lack of it represents death. All souls each is the creation of god. It has special properties unique to it. It cannot be destroyed by humans by any means. It is invisible to us. Each human being is given one amazing soul. A soul is designated to a body. It occupies no other body. It does not, after death, dwells in another body. It never wanders aimlessly. It comes from a particular medium reserved for it, stays confined to the human body, and after death, goes straight to a medium. It is immune to destruction.
What If. November 26, 2022, by WestTexasBlissClick here.

You Have To Make The Journey Yourself.

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