Fire or Ice

A New Ice Age Coming Soon?
Global Warming Coming Soon?
Take Your Pick

Humanity’s days are numbered if we don’t do something about our terrible situation.

Once Upon a time, the three Great Lakes were one sizeable freshwater lake. Something happened. Maybe an earthquake broke the landmass separating the lake from the ocean. The cold fresh water rushed into the warm sea water and shut down the ocean currents, causing an Ice Age. Take a look at Yellowstone; any day now, this will erupt. Humans, you can stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye. I could go on and on with scenarios like this showing how humans are in jeopardy living on this rock. We, humans, need to build three twenty-miles-long, five-mile-wide cylinder spaceships that can travel the cosmos forever. Earth can be our starting point the planet Mars could be our factory.

See the asteroid belts in the image? There are billions and billions of asteroids with raw materials and minerals just waiting for us. To me, the asteroid belt is a gold mine
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