You want evidence? Here it is.

I’m going to show you here how ignorant smart people can be. I hate to say this, but when the shoe fits, wear it. Well, here goes, this isn’t one of my What If or one of my Theories. This is a fact. I don’t understand why scientists have such a difficult time explaining what consciousness is and how consciousness works. First, it’s not Consciousness is called your soul. In the Bible, it says God created man in his image. Does God have fingers and toes? No. Does God have a soul? Absolutely. God is the ultimate soul. Our soul puts us humans in the image of God. Scientists and philosophers have a hard time trying to explain the human conscience when all they have to do is considered it to be the human soul. All their questions would be answered. The human conscience the soul is in the image of God. Scientists need to stop banging their heads against the wall and look at the facts. The facts are right in front of them. It’s so simple to explain the human Soul. Watch these two videos that I’m posting. Scientists are making a lame view of the human conscience. They really think they know what they’re talking about. This is how intelligence can be so ignorant.

And then again in the Bible God said let there be light. And God created the universe for humans. Here is the proof. In this universe, there is one Galaxy; in this Galaxy, there is only one Solar System; in this solar system, there is only one planet OCCUPIED by humans with a soul. Scientists call the soul a conscience. So we know our universe was DESIGNED. Designed especially for humans by a designer. And that designer is God.

Video number one → Click here.

Video number two → Click here

Oceans, Where Feet May Fail – Hillsong UNITED

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