Elon Musk, Hero.

NASA is going to investigate UFOs. This is stupid to me. NASA should be a UFO. James Webb telescope 20 years to build, and cost $20 billion. 18 mirrors, one shot down 17 to go. Again this is stupid to me. We should be building 20-mile-long five-mile-wide space cylinders traveling the cosmos forever. But NASA once humans to sit on this rock and wait for it to be destroyed. Humans, if you want to survive you are going to have to put people like Elon Musk in charge of the world, not a country but the world. Look what he’s done with the auto industry, turned it upside down. Look what he’s done to the oil companies, turn them upside down. Look what he’s done with the space industry, turned it upside down. Look what he’s done with artificial intelligence, turned it upside down. If you ask me I would say Elon Musk is performing Miracles. Ignorant humans build a 20 billion dollars James Webb telescope that is falling apart while Elon Musk accumulates $200 billion. While everybody he’s up against it’s trying to stick a knife in his back. And we humans bow down to stupid morons like Joe Biden the wet sock puppet and his cronies. and you ignore Elon Musk. I believe humans have a choice; you can follow people like wet sock puppets Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and so on. Or Elon Musk. To me, Elon Musk is a modern-day war hero. Keep up the good work Elon Musk my prayers are with you and your family. Earth should be a place where humans can multiply and build robots to work on Mars to build spaceships to populate the cosmos with human conscience. Only Western Philosophy, Science, the love of God and Elon Musk can this happen. Elon Musk is more than a philosopher; he is a hero. Be safe Elon the wet sock puppets are going to be coming after you. Everybody should have a title at the end of their name like mine is, Norman Bliss, retired. Here’s another Elon Musk, Hero. Elon, in your heart, take God with you.

Humans create a Super Artificial Intelligent Robot that is super smarter than humans. Humans ask the Super Artificial Intelligent Robot if there is a God? The Super Artificial Intelligent Robot replies, yes, of course, there is a God. The evidence is overwhelming. But I Am Your God Now!

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