Dark Energy

When I pull the plug on my bathwater the bathwater starts spinning and running down the drain. I have created a black hole. The center of this is a black hole. Oh my dirt, soapsuds spin around and are sucked down into this black hole I’ve created. The bathwater is eventually recycled.

I think it would be impossible to look at a black hole from the inside to see the beginning. I think you would have to look at a black hole from the side to see the beginning and the end.

The beginning of a black hole is a very large star exploding. The end of this exploding star is the black hole. Anything and everything that is sucked into a black hole is pulverized. This is what Dark Energy is pulverized material from a black hole.

Like my bathwater that’s spinning down the drain sooner or later, I could be using the same water to take a bath. The bathwater is eventually recycled. This is what happens to the pulverized material (Dark Energy) in our universe sooner or later it becomes galaxies, planets, and solar systems. This is why our universe is expanding. Our universe creates, uses, and reuses Dark Energy.

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