SHA 256

The unsolved math problem could be worth a billion dollars.
No one on Earth knows how to reverse one of the most popular computer algorithms. Yet it’s really easy to compute one-way. You could make billions of dollars if you solved this mathematics problem, which is computed quintillions of times per second in the race for mining Bitcoin. SHA256 has some amazing properties, is useful for digital signatures, cryptography, authentication, and is a central part of the Bitcoin protocol. ~ Matthew Weathers

There have been only two times the bankers have been worried. The first time was when Jesus turned over the Money Changers tables in the temple. And the second time is when an unknown person using the name Satoshi Nakamoto created BITCOINS.


A Good Lesson from a Bad Example (Luke 16:1–13)
Intro to Bitcoin – Part 1- Is it the most disruptive technology in the world?
I explain why crypto represents a brand new way of using money in the history of humanity. How does Bitcoin work? What makes it different?
Intro to Bitcoin – Part 2 – The Future: Investing & Altcoins
What is the future of cryptos? Should you invest? Why are there different kinds of coins? This is a follow-up video to Part 1, which describes the historical context of Bitcoin as the first major example of triple-entry accounting. In this Part 2, I’ll describe the differences between different kinds of cryptocurrencies, or altcoins.
We can look at the beginning of the Internet in the 1990s as an analogy for what may be happening with cryptocurrencies now.

I live in La Mirada, California, and work at Biola University. I’m interested in information usability, mathematics, philosophy, and science. I occasionally make videos about these things. I also have been making some travel videos, showing pictures from trips.

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