Aristotle’s Logic and Reasoning

Aristotle believes that the objects of the world have mathematicall properties (Length, weight, mass, volume, etc.) in themselves.

Logic is concerned with the right reasoning about reality. In his six books on logic collectively known as the Organon Aristotle demonstrates how we can gain a deeper understanding of reality through inductive and deductive reasoning and dialectical arguments. Aristotle’s logic is the only logic studied up until the 19th century. What happens in the 19th century? A new kind of logic is invented Predicate Logic. A mathematical kind of logic that launches its own kind of discoveries and innovations. that mathematical logic does not displace Aristotle’s logic it does a different kind of thing. ~ Aristotle

Predicate Logic. Empty Space is NOT Empty. ~ Derek B. Leinweber

From nothing nothing comes. If there was all nothingness nothing could ever come into existence. ~ Aristotle

Lesson 6, Aristotle: Logic and Reasoning. ~ Nathan W. Schlueter

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