Approaching Earth

Live Comet C/2017 K2 Is Approaching Earth.

This asteroid blew up over Russia injuring hundreds of people. It entered Earth’s atmosphere, and we didn’t even know it was coming because it came in from the other side of the sun. Humans, on the next asteroid, stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye

We sit on this rock, waiting for a comment to come and wipe us out. So what the hell’s wrong with us?

I see a vision of humans all over the planet looking up, holding their cell phones, and taking pictures of a planet-killing asteroid coming towards earth. Insanely stupid.

We watch beautiful pictures from the James Webb telescope of galaxies billions of light years away that have already been destroyed by time. So yes, if we find an XL planet, it’s probably been destroyed billions of light years ago because of time.

We should set up a factory on Mars to build three 20 miles long five miles-wide generation spaceships that can travel the cosmos forever. Sitting on this rock waiting for an asteroid to destroy us is insane. Read the handwriting on the wall. It didn’t go well for the dinosaurs, did it? Unfortunately, humans are just as stupid as dinosaurs regarding planet-killing asteroids.

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