All Of Creation

Humanity Has Been Given Both Dominion And Stewardship Over Creation.

Infinity, Our Universe, Our Galaxy, Our Solar System, and Our Planet Earth Was Designed By God For Us.

A man or woman of faith believes in God. Scientists believe in the Multi Universe.

Our universe, the one we humans live in, is about 95 billion light-years across. And it is in Infinity. That’s pretty damn big. Multi-universes in Infinity would be mind-boggling. But what if there was only one universe in Infinity, and it is our universe.

In this universe, there is one Galaxy; in this Galaxy, there is only one Solar System; in this solar system, there is only one planet OCCUPIED by humans with a soul. Scientists call the soul a conscience. So we know our universe was DESIGNED. Designed especially for humans by a designer. And that designer is God.

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