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Water Cooler
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There are three kinds of people who view my Blogs: Those who like it, those who hate it, and those who simply don’t understand. I am especially interested in this last category. I hope my Blogs will create conversation and reach people on a deeper level. I like to use metaphors and multiple levels of meaning to reach my viewer. If it makes them think and feel, then it is successful.”

The University of Toronto – Maps of Meaning

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Without God

Without God, we would have no Bible! There would be no teaching of how the world came into being or how human beings came to life. There would be no Ten Commandments to guide our thinking and behavior, no morals or ethics to conduct our relations with our fellow man. Without God, there would be no Lucifer. No evil. What would the world be like? So why did the philosophers create gods? In philosophical terms, the question of the existence of God or deities involves the disciplines of epistemology (the nature and scope of knowledge) and ontology (study of the nature of being, existence, or reality), and the theory of value (since some definitions of God include “perfection”).

When God created Adam and Eve, he gave Adam and Eve a soul, and they were to live in the Garden of Eden, not knowing Evil. But Adam and Eve sinned and introduced Evil into the world. This is why the world is what it is today because of Adam and Eve’s sin. Now, if Adam and Eve had not sinned, the world would have been a garden of Eden.

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United States

The United States, over the decades, has had some pretty good ups and downs, but we seem to have come out of them pretty good licking our wounds. I believe the United States has survived these devastating attempts to destroy our way of life because of our Constitution. Our Constitution is based on Western philosophy, which gave the United States a moral compass. The Constitution boils down to, “WHAT’S GOOD FOR THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER.” If you think the United States is a bad place because of our history if you think Socialism would be better, read about Stalin and the Russian revolution and Mao Zedong’s Chinese revolution, where millions of sheeple like you were starved to death and murdered.

What I think about socialism. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

What I think about capitalism. “Greed, Corruption will bring you down to your knees.”

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Jordan Peterson

2,104,916 views May 18, 2017
Update: on May 18, C16 sailed through the Canadian Senate with no amendments.
I served as a witness at the Canadian Senate, regarding Bill C16, which adds the ill-defined categories of gender expression and gender identity to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. The Federal government, in a website which has since been taken down, stated clearly that this legislation would be interpreted in keeping with the policies of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which I regard as one of the most dangerous institutions in Canada, in relationship to all rights other than those of “equality,” including freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of association. I was partnered with lawyer Jared Brown, whose courageous and detailed analysis of Bill C16 can be found here: CLICK HERE.

Jordan Peterson’s debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests, and postmodernism.

2017 Personality 13: Existentialism via Solzhenitsyn and the Gulag

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Humanity has dug itself a hole and I don’t see any way out. Maybe, just maybe, if every Bean-Counter, and Number-Cruncher banded together could pull humanity out of this mess they put us in. Yes, you bowed down to greed. It’s time for you to straighten the mess you made.

BEAN COUNTER A person who is excessively interested in controlling or reducing expenses, increasing profits, or in quantitative details in general. Humans with a high IQ.

NUMBER CRUNCHING describes the act of processing numerical data. It generally refers to taking large amounts of related numerical data and organizing it into a more useful format. Organizing often includes running calculations and arranging data in charts, graphs, and other visualizations. Humans with a high IQ.

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Our House Is On Fire

Greta Thunberg vs. Konstantin Kisin

Climate Change, Global Warming is real. Sheeples and you Elite know this for a fact, yet this is what you do about it. You will pay for your ignorance and your evil ways. So you can see now it’s all about the almighty dollar.

My House Shall Be Called The House Of Prayer For All Nations, But You Have Made It A Den Of Thieves.

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